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+39 – Wedding e Catering (Conversano)

Executive Chef

Elia (Capitolo)


Giampaolo Ristorante (Bari)


Il Mattarello (Copenhagen)

Business Consulting

La Porta (Bologna)

Startup Consulting

Terra (Copenhagen)

Start-up e formazione personale

La Torretta del Pescatore (Monopoli)


Elisa Mazzieri - Illustrator

Born in Loreto in Italy in 1985. Elisa Mazzieri is naturally gifted in drawing and painting, already evident in her early years at nursery school where she spent most of her time doing just that. Growing up she decided to cultivate her talent by attending the “Istituto Statale d’Arte” in Ancona and later the “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Macerata specialising in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. To transform her passion into a job she moved to the Veneto to look after artworks, working on buildings and frescoes giving them a new life.

Bertrand Barletta

Fiscal expert

Caliandro Wood

Design and interior design expert

ZioMarco Palmisano



Graphics, printing and website developers

The Mediterranean Alkaline diet for health and longevity

I wrote this book with my father because I always preferred healthy cooking and I attended healthy and vegetarian cooking because I think that there are really important for our health!

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